Thursday, May 21, 2009


My 16th birthday was a while back (April 18 to be exact), and I didn't want a car, as odd as that might sound, or a big sweet sixteen bash. All I wanted was a bike. Seems as I name everything Sophie, I named her Sophie. Sophie's a smooth peaceful ride and she is the ideal pick me up when I have a crappy day. Not to mention, I am getting some needed exercise.


Florence 17 Australia. said...

i love your blog... very thoughtful
i love your picture of Barack Obama and family, i can say with some confidence we were more excited in australia for him than for our usual prime ministers

nice bike xxx

Jack McCready said...

I love that bike, my sister and I are looking into getting ourselves some vintage bikes for summer.

Andie said...

sweet ride! i love the colour of you bike! my bike is pink...bleh.i wanted to paint it a similar colour like yours, but i figured i can live with the present one

Nightmarecath said...

ooh! love your bike! xd
I wanna have it! ;d
great blogg.

Hippiegirl said...

beautiful pictures and great bike :)

Naka said...

cute skirt and i love the colour of ur bike ^^