Friday, April 10, 2009

Ave Maria

After admiring the styles of Vanessa Hudgens (yes, the Disney star) and Mary-Kate Olsen, I finally made a necklace that resembles a rosary. It looks quite nice, nonetheless. But for some reason, the thought of wearing a rosary-resembling necklace solely for fashion seems strangely wrong to me. I am no super-Catholic or anything, but the purpose of a rosary is to pray to God and people like me are wearing them to look cool.
Perhaps, I am being paranoid. Hmm...


Sweet Things said...

u are so cute!!

Andie said...

yeah i have nothing against people wearing the rosary as a fashion staple, but you cant help but get some strange feeling, yknow?

Life In Technicolor. said...

NO you wont be washed out in green! :) you'll be surprised at how olive complements a tan. i went for my color consultation when i was in 3rd i can give you that much reassurance haha. welcome to the twitterworld.
and thanks for yr comment!

andrea xoxx
Life In Technicolor