Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Small Alteration

You might not have noticed, but I changed my "Picture of the Day" section to say "Picture of the Moment". I didn't have a chance to update the picture everyday due to my somewhat of a hectic schedule, that is why I made a little change in the wording. This way, I won't have to update the picture everyday and I can pretty much change it whenever I feel is necessary. When the moment is right.


Lains said...

Aha yeah, but it takes forever to post things.
Wear Gossip Girl?
You mean watch?

jbocs said...

The viva la vida picture is my fave so far!

Susanna-Cole said...

I did something similar before... changed the "day" to "moment" so as to not feel obligated to update in every day! Smart move :)

Audrey Leighton said...


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RiverMist said...

I like your blog :)
sure i'll trade.

Lains said...

Aah actually it was the one on the left. : )

Alex said...

aysia. yhans for your comments, i love these look too.

Anonymous said...

Hey! "Picture of the Moment" sounds a bit more whimsical anyway.
So (see, I do it too), I was checking out the blog below. I must admit, I'm pretty jealous of you not only going to a show but getting your pic with the designer. How awesome!