Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Feb 2009

Yesterday, I returned very late from a family vacation to Mexico. I had a wonderful time. I spent all my time beaching, eating, and practicing my Spanish-speaking skills (which are quite good, might I add!)-- it was so relaxing. I also got another mask! For those who don't know, I collect masks from various places I have traveled across the world (but only from places that have a real traditional mask-making culture...if that makes any sense. As in, not one that simply says,"Made in _____." on the tag), so far I have a mask from Italy, New Orleans, Costa Rica, and now Mexico. Although, my collection is limited now, I hope it will soon be marvellous. I also bought a Vogue Mexico and have been trying to read and understand as much as I can. It's pretty interesting to see what fashion is all about in other countries. Okay, I have spoken enough. Picture time.

(I know I wore this shirt in my last post and I feel weird about it having another picture of it. Trust me, I don't wear this shirt 24/7.)


JEYQ said...

great photos!
you should share your masks with us =]

Andie said...

what nice shots!
and the masks you bought, are they like luchador masks or something?

Eve said...

oh wow! pictures are great!
did u have fun in mexico?
^_^ bet u did! hehe only country i been to is Guatemala :) Where my family are from. You should go there one day and visit, Escuintla, Champay, Tikal and Panahachel hehe =^^=
and thank u for stopping my blog <33


Noelle Chantal said...

Mexico looks very nice! and you collect masks, that's very interesting. my mom has a huge collection of exotic masks too from all over the world. maybe you can post some of your mask collection hehe.

i'm a big fan of summer! can't live without the sea, sand, sun and sky too! have a great summer! :)

Carrianna said...

I absolutely love the photos you posted. I've never even seen a Mexican Vogue, I bet it was amazing, though.

I also think that it's cool you're collecting masks; that's something my whole family does. Whenever we visit a new country or a neighboring island we get a new one and add it to a wall. Definitely the best thing in the world to collect; hands down.