Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009

Okay, this post is going to have many pictures. As I promised in my last post, here first are some photos from the lazy town of Savannah, Georgia. Oh gosh! I just remembered that I haven't shown you all what I got from Santa! So, those will be the second set of pictures. The third set will be pictures from my New Years Eve. Enjoy!

Uno: Savannah

I was walking along and spotted this rather sad and beat-up looking clown. There was something so odd about it (him?). For the record, I am very afraid of clowns. It's surprising to me that I even had the guts to take this picture.

Dos: Christmas Presents

Tres: New Years Eve

These are myself (middle) with two of my good friends, KF (left) and Alaina (right) from C is for Chic, right when the ball in New York City dropped.


marrriahhhh. said...

awww show us your fabric!
I asked for a dress form too, didn't quite get it though.

Juice said...

Awww.. I felt sad looking at the clown.

La Fée said...

I have that camera :)

Savvy Mode SG said...

happy 2009!

marrriahhhh. said...

Thanks for the tip, and the link!

yiqin; said...

Happy 2009! :) I am scared of clowns!!!!! :/

Nicole said...

Well Ays, ain't Georgia so slendid? The clown definitely was a major lol in my book. I see you got that wonderfull dress form you wanted, which you took for ever explaining to me what it was, lol. The dollish thing is cool and the camera is definitely spiffy. Epic win for Christmas in my book. (And I commented!) Happy last cople hours of freedom.

Maverick said...

I love the pics. I have the Harajuku Girls fragrance, too, only mine is "G". I LOVE it! I love the look of your dress form, too! Great blog :)

x. Mav